Ndlovu Pre-School OVC

The Ndlovu Medical Centre was started in 1994 by Dr Hugo Templeton as a medical practise to treat HIV/AIDS patients. The practise has since expanded into an organisation that has integrated with the local community of Elandshoorn at various levels which includes looking after orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) impacted by HIV/AIDS.

The OVC Pre-School project was specifically started to feed and care for pre-schoolers that either did not have parents or where their parents are severely ill and not able to take care of their children. As these kids are not of a school going age the Government does not provide any care facilities for them often resulting in them having to stay at home alone whilst their older siblings have to go to school.

This untenable situation of little toddlers having to care for themselves has resulted in the creation of little crèches managed by Ndlovu where these kids can receive not only their daily nutritional needs but also the adult care, love and education that every child needs. These crèches (also know as nutritional units) all have boreholes that have been sponsored by donors and which are maintained by the community from where the entire community can get their water and it serves as a central point where all in the community can come and plant their own vegetable gardens.

The crèches receive some sponsorship from the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund but this is limited to only feeding under nourished children. The end result is that once these children have been on the feeding program for a while they improve and become “healthy” once again, only for them to be sent home as the fund does not pay for feeding “healthy” children. The funds also only allow for feeding of the children and there are no funds available to care for and educate these children which they desperately need as they do not have parental guidance or supervision.

Currently the project supports about 120 children who are being looked after on a daily basis Monday to Friday and receives the necessary nutritional meals for their daily needs. There is currently about 800 children in the area who could join the program if there was available funds.

In order to help these pre-schoolers Champ has adopted the Ndlovu Pre-School OVC as its first project to support. Diep in die Berg has become the first sponsor of the project by “adopting” 24 of the pre-schoolers of the community which will now be able to join the program on a permanent basis.

The monthly contribution needed to provide each child with the minimum food and care facilities is only R100 per month. This is not a lot of money for most of us but makes all the difference to these children and will impact and change their lives forever.

Please browse our gallery of pictures to view the wonderful facilities provided by Ndlovu and see how you can make a difference.

For monthly sponsorships of this project click on the Sponsor button below. For once off donations click on the Donate button below.

Please also bear in mind that these children have many basic needs and a lot of “old” things for us are very valuable for these children such as old toys, blankets and clothes, to name but a few. Should you wish to donate any such items these can be dropped off at Diep in die Berg Conference and Function Centre, 929 Disselboom Street, Wapadrand, Pretoria. For large volumes of items we will also collect so contact us on +27 12 807 4630.