About Us

Champ was established in 2009 by its founding members which were Diep in die Berg Conference and Function Centre, Anton van Zyl (chairman) and various related business entities.  Through their business activities they were exposed to persons with HIV/AIDS and realised the impact of this terrible disease on our society and decided to form Champ as a vehicle to help children impacted thereby.

Champ is a section 21 company (Association not for gain) and has a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status.  All donations made to Champ will qualify as a section 18A Income Tax Deduction under SA Income Tax Law and also for Social Responsibility expenditure for BEE rating Purposes.  We can therefore issue to all donors on an annual basis a Section 18A Income Tax certificate. We can also supply a letter for purposes of BEE legislation under the category of Social Responsibility.

Our aim is to enable you to help others!  In this case to help orphans and vulnerable children.  We believe that there are many people out there who are aware of children that have been impacted by HIV/AIDS and would want to help but most do not know how to get involved or how to go about it.  We want to provide you with a simple easy way to get involved with projects that make real impact in the lives of these children.

All you have to do to help is to register on our website and select a project or event that you would like  to sponsor or donate money to.  We ensure the money goes to the selected project/charity and monitor these projects to ensure that real impact is made in the lives of these children.